I can't download the Bob Designer software?

Installation problems are usually caused by your firewall or security settings. Firewalls restrict information accessing and leaving your computer. As such, this may interfere with successful download of the software. If you are attempting to download the software on a work place computer, the security settings in place there may also interfere with a successful download. It is recommended that you request authority to download the software from the respective department before continuing.

You can safely temporarily disable your home firewall by following the below instructions. However, it is highly important that you reactive your firewall once the download is complete. To safely disable the Windows firewall, follow these instructions: Click on the Start menu and select the control panel. From the Control Panel select Security Centre icon, Once inside the Security Centre select Windows Firewall, Turn the firewall to Off and press OK, Your Firewall is currently disabled.

Please note that Microsoft no longer support Windows XP, this will affect the running of the Bob Designer Software. This is a Microsoft decision and unfortunately out of the control of Bob Books.  If you are a Windows XP user you can use our Online Book Creator.

Once the download of the Bob Books program is complete, please ensure that you reactivate your firewall by following the above instructions, however ensuring you select ON then OK.

If in the unlikely event that you still experience problems when dowloading the software, please contact our customer care team on 0203 011 1644 or askbob@bobbooks.co.uk

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