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I have forgotten my password - how do I change it?

12th March 2013

Don't worry if you can't remember your password to log in to our website or the Bob Designer software. Simply follow the next few steps and you'll be on your way again.

1. Click the 'I forgot my password' link on the sign in page

2. Enter your Bob Books account email address and the click 'request password reset'.

3. You will shortly receive an email to your chosen address. Use the link in this email to re-set your password. Please note, each link can only be used once to log in and will expire after one day. Nothing will happen if it's not used.

4. You will then be directed to a page to log in and change your password. Select 'log in'. You can now enter a new password to use when you log in to the website and the software. 

If you know your password and want to change it for any reason, simply log on to our website, select 'My account' at the top of the page, and change your password under the 'Profile' section.

If you still experience problems, please contact our customer care team on 0844 880 6800 or