I have hundreds of digital photos; can you help me select the best photos? How would you choose for me?

Please note the Design Service will be discontinued as of 1st May 2018

We can select your photos for you for just £9.99. You simply need to tell us just a little bit about your images, is there an image you really like to be featured on the cover or text you would like in the book? Our designers will look at your photos, check if they are in any particular order and put together your book studying all your photos.

Once we have the story line that seamlessly flows from first to last page, we can select the best photos, focusing on the most positive and lively expressions, the scenery and the environment. If you have lots of images per page, we suggest you make a longer book so we can make sure the layout works well.

Some of the selection criteria we use are: Emotions expressed in the photo; we will go for the happy faces unless the story tells us otherwise. We choose photos that best fit the story board. Every page has to make sense, have continuity. We don't use duplicates unless you tell us to. We pick the photos with the best quality depending on brightness, focus, shadow detail etc.

We don't use patterns, motifs, textures, image fades or Photoshop filters. We do not place images at an angle, or overlay photographs.


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