I want to publish my book in the Bob Bookshop. How does it work?

Once you have created and ordered your photobook, you will receive an Invitation to Publish email which will provide the link to publish your book. This email should come through shortly after you have ordered your book. If you haven't received this email within 2 hours, please first check your spam folder. If you still cannot locate your email, you are still able to publish your photobook without this link.

Log into your Bob Books account and go to the 'My Books' area. Here you will be able to see your published and unpublished books. In the Unpublished Books section, click the 'Edit or Publish' link and you will be taken to the page to fill in your Book Title, a description of your book and to select the category you want your book to appear in the bookshop. You can also add tags to help people search for your book and to give permission to allow Bob Books to promote your book. You will also need to give permission to publish your book. 

You will then need to choose if your book should be published publicly or privately. Public books will appear in our Online Bookshop and can be viewed by members of the public. Private books can only be accessed from your account or by those you choose to share your book with

Finally, you can choose to offer your book for sale and if you would like to earn from sales of your book. Click here to find out more.

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