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Can I use any font in my photobook?

The Bob Designer photobook software lets you add captions and bodies of text to your photobook. You can create your text in any size or colour. Fonts are pulled in from your font library, depending on the license agreement, so you should be able to a... Read more

Why is my video not playing when I scan the QR code in Bob Designer?

When inserting video into your photo book, a QR code is automatically generated for each video. When you then place your order, the video is uploaded onto our servers and a unique QR code is generated and becomes active. If you scan the QR code in th... Read more

How do I set the transparency of a background image in my photo book using Bob Designer 5?

In Bob Designer you can set the transparency of your images. This can be especially effective when using an image as a background and placing other images or text on top. First, select the image you wish to change the transparency of, right click and... Read more

How do I open a saved project in Bob Designer?

Simply click on the Open tab at the top of the screen. This will show your most recent saved projects and an option to open from where it is saved on your computer. Read more

How do I install the Bob Designer software?

To start, download our software from the Bob Books website. It will take a few moments to download the installation program. It is recommended that you have a broadband internet connection or equivalent. If you are using wireless Internet, please try... Read more

How do I arrange my images in Bob Designer?

Bob Designer provides layout templates so that you can easily arrange your pictures and text. You can use different templates for every page and adjust them how you wish. All the templates and backgrounds are available on the left hand side of the ma... Read more

I can't download the Bob Designer software?

Installation problems are usually caused by your firewall or security settings. Firewalls restrict information accessing and leaving your computer. As such, this may interfere with successful download of the software. If you are attempting to downloa... Read more

Which books can I make in Bob Designer?

Bob Books photobooks are extremely versatile and can cater for every idea you have. Choose your own personal cover and the amount of pages you need. The amount of pages varies depending on what format and product you choose. All of our books start fr... Read more

How do I update Bob Designer?

Bob Designer will always ask if you wish to check for updates. If an update is available, Bob Designer will always ask for your permission before downloading. We would always recommend checking for updates, this will not affect your current project o... Read more

How often do I need to update the Bob Designer software?

You can check for updates manually at any time; however, the software will automatically check the availability of new program versions and price lists whenever you place an online order. At the first startup you will be asked if you'd like to check ... Read more