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How do I buy a book from the Bob Bookshop?

All books for sale in the Bob Bookshop will show the sale price on the category pages and below the large online book preview when you are looking at the book's page. Books which do not show a price have been designated 'Not for Sale' by the Author a... Read more

Why am I being asked for a nickname when I try to purchase a book in the Bob Bookshop?

In order to buy or sell anything in the Bob Bookshop, a nickname/username is required. You will only be asked to set this once. Please note that this name will appear alongside any books you publish or comments you make in the bookshop, so please sel... Read more

Can I make changes to my Bookshop order after I've completed payment?

We want to get your order to you as quickly as possible, so as soon as you complete payment, your order goes into production. All books are produced to order, so it's not possible to make any changes once you have confirmed your order by completing y... Read more

When can I expect delivery of my book?

Turnaround times vary depending on the book format, delivery method and delivery country. Read more

There's a problem with my book. Can you help?

Bob Books has no control over the content of the books in the Bob Bookshop. This is the sole responsibility of the book author. Should your book arrive damaged or with a printing fault, please contact our customer care team on q... Read more

My friend sent me the link to a book, but the website says "Page not found".

It sounds like either the book author has set the book with "Private" visibility, has removed the book from the online Bob Bookshop, or there may be a typo in the URL you are using. We'd suggest contacting the Author directly if you can and ask them ... Read more

I'm having problems ordering a book from the Bookshop, what do I do?

If you are having problems registering on our website or completing payment for a Bob Bookshop order, please get in touch explaining the issue on or 0844 880 6800 and we'll be happy to help. If you have found a book that you wou... Read more

Why do some books say they are for viewing only?

The Bob Bookshop is set up to allow book authors to publish their books to share and to sell. Some author's may decide that they don't wish their book to be sold in the bookshop. If the book is not available to purchase, there will be no sale price a... Read more

Can I use my Bob Books gift voucher or discount code in the Bob Bookshop?

You can now use gift vouchers and some promotional discount codes in the online bookshop. In your basket you will be given the option to add a voucher code, enter your code here and click 'Add voucher code'.

Your discount will be applied to your o... Read more