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Can I add text in the Bob Books iPad app?

A title and a sub-title can be added to the cover of your photo book, as well as text to your inner content pages. Read more

Are my images of high enough quality to use the iPad app?

Bob Books photo books are all printed at 300 dpi, therefore the resolution of your images must be 300 dpi. Using images with a larger dpi will not improve your book as our printer is set to print at 300 dpi.

You can still use images that are of a ... Read more

Can I rearrange spreads in my book using the iPad app?

If you'd like to shift around the spreads within the book, this can be easily done by changing to thumbnail view. Then simply drag and drop spreads to rearrange them. Change back to the edit mode when you're done. Read more

I've started to design my photo book in the iPad app, can I change the size?

Once you have started to design your book, the book size cannot be changed. It is currently only possible to change the Cover type, Paper type and Number of pages of your book, by clicking on the setting icon. To change the size of your book you will... Read more

Can I move images around in my book using the iPad app?

If you decide to move an image somewhere else in your book, you can simply drag a new image on top of the old one. You can then insert the orignial image into another template. Green ticks appear on all photos that have been used to your book, so you... Read more

What products can I make using the iPad app?

Using the Bob Books iPad app, you can create either a Square 21x21cm photo book, or a Landscape 28x21cm photo book in Classic paper 200gsm, Matte paper 170gsm or Lustre photographic paper. 300gsm You can choose from a Hardback or Paperback cover (Cla... Read more

Can I remove the Bob Books logo from by book using the iPad app?

It is currently not possible to remove the Bob Books logo when using the app. The logo will appear on the last page of your photo book. Read more

Can I use a voucher with the Bob Books iPad app?

Yes, it is possible to use a voucher code when ordering through the Bob Books iPad app. During the order process you will need to log in to your account, select the billing and delivery address, and then the voucher code box can be found on the confi... Read more

How do I add photos to my book using the iPad app?

Selecting and adding photos you want in your photo book is easy. Once you have chosen the format of your book, select the 'Choose Images' button on the title page.This will then prompt you to select an album of images, or choose images from your phot... Read more

How do I send a Debug report in the iPad app?

If you are experiencing problems with your app and have been asked to send us a 'debug' report, this can be easily done through the app. 1. On the app homepage, tap the Bob Books logo in the top left hand corner and select 'About this app'.2. Scroll ... Read more