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How does the PDF to Book solution work?

The PDF to Book solution allows you to design your Bob Books photobook using Adobe InDesign and then upload your PDFs to order your book. To make sure you get it right the first time, please read through the userguide carefully. Overview There are 5 ... Read more

How do I open the PDF to book templates?

Launching the correct templates with the PDF to Book software You will need to create two PDFs for your book. One PDF for your book content/inner pages and one PDF for your cover. Select cover type, paper type, book size and number of pages. Then lau... Read more

How do I use the PDF to book templates?

Working with templates Once you have launched the correct templates, it’s time to design your book. You can use images, vectors graphics and text throughout your book. Remember to ensure your image files are print quality (ideally 300dpi).Your cont... Read more

What are the colour calibration recommendations for PDF to Book?

Colour Management A calibrated screen is the basis for a reliable colour reproduction. To match your screen as closely as possible with our prints, we recommend a gamma value of 2.2 and D65 light condition. For a very basic calibration you can use st... Read more

How do I export my PDFs for upload?

Exporting your PDF / Applying Bob Books PDF presets Once your book is complete, export the PDF from InDesign using the Bob Books PDF presets. They have been installed automatically to your InDesign software with the installation of the Bob Books PDF ... Read more

How do I check my PDF before upload?

Checking your PDF After the PDF export, check your PDF in Adobe Acrobat Professional or Adobe Acrobat Reader. The setting Show cover page in two page view has to be activated to have page one on the right and to have a correct view of your double pag... Read more

How do I upload my PDFs to order my book?

Uploading your PDF When your files are ready, go to the PDF upload area on the Bob Books website here: 1. Select your cover PDF and content PDF as instructed on the screen. The length of time it takes to upload depends on the size of your files and y... Read more

Are there any recommendations when designing my book PDFs?

Recommendations To be sure that your PDF meets the production requirements, we recommend that you use the Bob Books PDF to Book Software, which provides you with InDesign Templates and PDF presets.To achieve the best quality results you should work i... Read more

Why am I getting a 'not matching page size' error message with my PDF upload?

It may be that an intermittent bug is occurring in the PDF-to-book InDesign templates and adding a bleed to the inner pages of your book.If you receive the above error when uploading your PDFs, please follow the steps below. Open your InDesign file f... Read more

Why is my PDF blank after I export it?

It is likely that you have designed your book on the 'info' layer of the template. The 'info' layer is there to act as a guide when designing your book and is removed when the file is exported. Please make sure you design your book on the design laye... Read more