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How do I install the Bob Designer photobook software?

Download the Bob Designer software from the Bob Books website and select your desktop as your download destination. It will take a few moments to download the installation program. It is recommended that you have a broadband internet connection or eq... Read more

How often do I need to update Bob Designer?

You can check for any updates manually at any time; however the software will automatically check the availability of new program versions and price lists whenever you place an online order. At the first startup you will be asked if you'd like to che... Read more

What are the system requirements for Bob Designer?

The Bob Designer software is compatible with the following operating System:

· Mac Requirements

Operating System: Version 10.10 or newer
Processor: 1.4 Ghz
Memory: 2GB RAM
Available storage: Minimum 5 GB (recommended)
Minimum Screen Resol... Read more

Must I have to have an Internet connection?

Internet access is required for downloading, updating the photobook software and to order your completed Bob Book. You must also have an Internet connection for the initial start-up of the photobook software. It is recommended that you have a broadba... Read more

Can I use my digital photographs?

There are many advantages to digital photographs - you can view the pictures on your PC or e-mail them to friends. However not every digital image is suitable for printing. A photograph that looks good on screen may be difficult to print. If the reso... Read more

Can I use non-digital images in my photo book?

When using the Bob Designer software to create your Bob Book, you certainly are able to use non-digital photographs, you may use photographs from both a digital camera or photos that have been scanned. For the images to be useable they should be scan... Read more

Are my images of a high enough quality for photo books?

Bob Books are all printed at 300 dpi, therefore the resolution of your images must be 300 dpi. Using images with a larger dpi will not improve your book as our printer is set to print at 300 dpi. Any image that does not meet this requirement will be ... Read more

What colour format/space should I use?

Colour reproduction changes from screen to screen therefore the colours in the printed book may differ slightly to your digital photographs. You may also notice differences between different manufactures and medium of print. Please use the RGB or sRG... Read more

Which image format should I use?

You can use images saved in all established formats (BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG), however TIFF files with LZW-compression cannot be used. We recommend saving your files as JPEGS to avoid complications. Currently we are unable to accept PDF files that have ... Read more

How do I get started with my photo book?

Imagine that the workspace in the middle of your screen is your desk. In front of you lies a double page spread; this is the main design area for your photobook. On the left hand side you will find your photos and layouts tabs. There are many layout ... Read more