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I want to publish my book in the Bob Bookshop. How does it work?

Once you have created and ordered your photobook, you will receive an Invitation to Publish email which will provide the link to publish your book. This email should come through shortly after you have ordered your book. If you haven't received this ... Read more

Do I need to wait until I receive my book before I can publish it?

You do not need to wait until you receive your book before you publish it. You can publish your book as soon as it appears in your account under 'My Books'. Please note it can take up to 24hrs after you place your book order for it to be available to... Read more

How much does it cost to publish my book in Bob Bookshop?

It is completely free to publish your book in the Bob Bookshop. The only requirement is that you first create your book and purchase at least 1 copy through the Bob Designer software, Online Book Creator or the Design Service. Read more

I made a mistake in my book, can I change this?

Unfortunately, once your book is ordered we are unable to make any changes to it as the files we receive are read-only files and can not be amended. All orders go straight into production and we are unable to make any changes or cancellations. Pleas... Read more

I made a mistake in the description and title on the Bookshop, can I change this?

Absolutely, you can make changes to your title, book description, author description, categories, tags and visibility at any time by logging in to your account. You will find these tools under the My Books area. You can also remove your book from the... Read more

How do I fill in my Author description?

You can fill in your Author description and your other details by going to the Profile tab in your account area. Read more

What do the visibility options mean?

We understand that you may want to control who can see your book, that's why we've given you two options: Public books will be visible in the Bookshop and search engines. Private books will be visible to the author when logged in to the website, or t... Read more

I can't publish my book onto the Bookshop

If your book was ordered within the last 8 weeks you should see your unpublished books in My Books when you've logged in to your account. It can take up to a few hours after your order is placed for it to appear in this section. Unpublished book file... Read more

What happens with my content and copyright when I publish my book on Bob Bookshop?

You hold all Intellectual Property Rights on your book. You alone are responsible for your submission and content and it is your responsibility to ensure that your books do not include content or other material that is likely to infringe the Intellec... Read more

Once I've uploaded my book to the Bookshop, do I need to do anything?

Spread the word and enjoy the rave reviews! Use the sharing tools found in your account to promote your books on Facebook, twitter, email, websites and blogs. Read more