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I want to sell my book in the Bob Bookshop. How does this work?

Simply follow the Bob Bookshop publishing steps and select either "I want to publish my book at the retail price" or "I want to earn from my sales" under the Sales heading when you are publishing your book. If you select "I want to earn from my sales... Read more

I only want to sell my book to family and friends. How does this work?

If you set your book's visibility to "Private" and select "This book is for sale at the retail price" under the Sales options, the book will not appear in the Bob Bookshop categories and can only be accessed and purchased with those you share it with... Read more

Can I earn a profit from my book sales?

Yes, select "I want to earn from my book sales" under the Sales options when you publish your book in the Bob Bookshop and then you can add your own Author mark-up. If you add £2 as your Author mark-up, this will be added on to the retail price of y... Read more

How are the Author payments calculated?

Bob Bookshop Author payments will be calculated as follows for all valid, confirmed and completed orders: [Bookshop Sale Price] minus [Book Base Price] equals [Author Payment]. The book base price is the standard price charged when purchasing one cop... Read more

When and how will I be paid for my Bookshop sales?

Author payments will be processed bi-monthly and paid into the Author's designated PayPal account. The minimum payment threshold is 10GBP. If your unpaid profits are less than 10GBP, they will be rolled over to the next scheduled payment. Bob Books c... Read more

Are there any costs involved with selling my book in the Bob Bookshop?

It is free to publish your book in the Bob Bookshop and there is no cost involved if you choose to sell your books at their base price with no Author Mark-up. If you do choose to set your own Author Mark-up Bob Books charges a £1 processing fee for ... Read more

How will I know if my book has sold?

You will receive an email when one of your books has been purchased from the Bob Bookshop. Please note that the sale is not considered final until 7 working days after the customer has received the book. Read more

Why aren't all my book sales appearing on my Author sales statement?

You are sent an email as soon as one of your books is ordered from the Bob Bookshop; however the sale is not yet final at that stage. Any cancelled or returned orders will not be included in your Author payments. Read more

Can I use my book sales to fundraise for a charity?

Yes, once you create and purchase one book and publish it in the Bob Bookshop, be sure to add it to the Charity & Fundraising category and add your Author Mark-up. If you are working for a registered charity, please contact us on ... Read more

I created my book using Bob Designer Pro software; can I still publish and sell my book?

Yes, you can publish your book in the Bob Bookshop if you have purchased your book through the Bob Designer Pro software. However any books sold through the Bob Bookshop will have the Bob Books logo on the last page of the book. Read more