What do I do if my PDF to Book order fails the pre-flight check?

When you upload your PDF in the Bob Books PDF to Book uploader, it will go through a pre-flight check. If successful you will receive an order confirmation email and your book will go into production. If it fails the pre-flight check you will receive notification via email. This will contain a link to a full error report, you will need to click on the 'Click here for full error report' button to open this.

The error report you receive is a PDF of your book. The first page will have details of why the PDF has been rejected, how often and on which pages the error occurs. Common issues include; images being under 90dpi, CYMK images present and the use of spot colours. Please refer to our PDF to Book User Guide for more information how to prepare your InDesign files. 

If you scroll through the PDF, you will be able to see the pages of your photobook file. Any images or elements causing an issue will be highlighted in a red box. 


You will need to fix these errors in your original InDesign file, then export as a PDF using the Bob Books presets and upload the PDF files again. There is no way to override the check and place the order without the problems being fixed. If you have images below 90dpi and do not have higher resolution copies and are happy to proceed with the image as it is, you can increase the number of pixels in a photo-editing software such as Photoshop and replace it. Please note this is just a cheat for the software, the image may still print soft or pixelated.

Bob Books only charges when your order has been successfully printed and delivered. You will not be charged twice for uploading your files again. If you feel there is an issue with payment, or you used a voucher code with your original order, please get in touch with us at info@bobbooks.co.uk.

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