What is the Automatic Image Correction Tool?

The Automatic Image Correction amends the image quality of your photos. It can even out exposition errors, colour issues and will also adjust the contrast and saturation of the colours for optimal print. The AIC functionality is fully automatic and should be turned on when the software is launched. Please note that in previous versions of the software, the AIC may not be turned on automatically.

The intensity of the adjustments is determined by an image analysis that is done when they are uploaded. The settings are optimised for the majority of all images so the AIC should improve the image quality. 

There are some instances where it is better not to use the correction tool. For example if you already corrected your images with a photo editing software (photoshop, lightroom etc), you may not want to change the results any further. If this is the case, you can choose to turn the tool off for single photos or for your whole project.

To do so, please go to “Settings” and “Photos” in your Software to adjust the settings.

If your Bob Book has been damaged or you are not completely satisfied, please send us pictures at askbob@bobbooks.co.uk explaining the issue, within 7 days of receipt of your order.

Please Note: A full or partial refund on your order is not guaranteed. We will investigate your complaint and may ask for additional information from you to help with the investigation. Pending the outcome, your original book must be returned to us with the return postage sticker provided to be charged back to us. Please note we will not be able to refund postage for books returned to us by any other means.

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