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What is the postage and packaging cost for a canvas?

29th November 2012

The turn around time for a canvas is 5-7 working days.

The postage and packaging costs depend on the size of your canvas.


30 x 30(cm) - £4.50
40 x 40(cm) - £5.00
50 x 50(cm) ​- £6.00
60 x 60 (cm) - £7.00



30 x 20(cm) ​- £4.50
40 x 30(cm) ​- £5.00
50 x 40(cm) ​- £5.50
60 x 40(cm) ​- £6.00
70 x 50(cm) ​- £7.00
80 x 60(cm) ​- £7.00
100 x 80(cm) ​- £8.00
130 x 90(cm) ​- £9.00

If ordering more than one canvas, you'll pay the shipping price for the largest item and then £1 for each additional canvas in your order.

International shipping costs are currently the same as our UK costs, however please allow for an extra 1 to 2 weeks on top of our suggested turn around times for deliveries outside of the UK. Please note that deliveries outside of the EU may incur import taxes or customs duty. The amount charged is set by the government of the country the goods have been shipped to and is payable by the recipient.