Why am I getting a 'not matching page size' error message with my PDF upload?

Receiving an error message when uploading your book files about the size of your files is fairly common and normally easily fixed.

The most common reasons for this message usually are:

1. The cover file wasn’t created for the same number of pages as the content file contains. (Keep in mind that the width of the spine increases with increased pages in the book). Users can commonly forget that they added or removed pages to the content after they had generated the cover template file.

2. The bleed settings were somehow changed or incorrect. This sometimes can happen if you make changes to the presets when exporting.  We suggest that you also check that the Inside Bleed is set to 0mm in the Document settings for your content file. Change to this if necessary.

3. The Bob Books presets were not used when exporting, or the Bob Books templates were not used to create the pdfs (or both). It's important to start with the correct inDesign templates, and export using the most recent Bob Books presets. Be sure to never make changes to the presets as these changes will be saved automatically.

4. One or more of the pages in the book had the size altered accidentally when designing the book.

5. The content file was exported as “spreads” rather than pages, as per the settings in the Bob Books presests.

6. The number of content pages in your book is an invalid number. All our books start with 26 inner pages and go up in sets of 4. The maximum number of pages varies depending on book format.


If you receive an error about the file size when uploading your files first check that the issues above do not affect your order. 

You can also check that there are no issue with your template, the presets or the upload servers by exporting new cover and content templates for the exact same book format as you are ordering and exporting the blank files to pdf using the Bob Books presets. Then upload the blank pdfs and check if there are any error messages. If you are able to proceed through to checkout, then your file size is correct. You should cancel the upload at the point to avoid ordering a blank book and check your files again.

If you are still getting an error message with the blank pdfs created from a fresh template, please get in touch with us at info@bobbooks.co.uk and we will help.

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