Why are my photos not showing up in the App Import?

The "optimise iPad storage" feature means that as your iPad runs out of storage space, your photos are backed up to the cloud and only a low res version is left on your device. The low res version is not suitable for printing and so do not get pulled through to the Bob Books app. 

To change this, go into the photos area on your iPad and tap on a few of the images which you cannot see in the app, you should notice a small timer appear in the bottom corner, which means it is being downloaded back onto your device.

You could change the "optimise images" setting to 'download and keep originals', which should bring all photos back onto your device, but only if there is enough storage space available on your device. 

We are currently working on an update and hopefully we'll have a way soon so the app can pull in the images straight from iCloud, in the mean time you can try the work around below if you have insufficient space to store all your images on your device.

In the Photos area on your phone, first select the images that you would like to be added into your book (you'll probably want to do this in batches of 20-40 images). Then select the share button in the bottom left corner (the box with upward arrow).

In the share options select "Copy". You'll then see a message saying "preparing" with a timer. When the timer is done, the full sized images should be back on your device. 

Go back into the Bob Books app and import the images into your book.

Please keep in mind that the app needs storages space on your device to store all your images and the book details. So if you are very low on space, you might consider deleting a few unused apps (you can always download them again at a later date).

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