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Bob Books x Fashion Week

To celebrate Fashion Week, we interviewed some of the most renowned and innovative fashion photographers working today. Here at Bob Books we are big champions of all the creative industries including art, design and fashion and we loved speaking to these inspiring photographers about their journey into the fashion world, their creative processes and what they would tell their younger selves. 



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Fashion Photography Series Elena Iv-Skaya

Where do you draw inspiration from? What do you think your message is?

There are many photographers whose work I admire for example the duo Marcus and Mert but I am not sure if my inspiration comes from exactly that direction. I think I am also influenced by the work and colour palette of great painters that I admire, like Paul Gaugin, André Matisse, Van Gogh and David Hockney… My message is simply beauty. 

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Kristina Varaksina

Where do you draw inspiration from? What do you think your message is?

I often draw my inspiration from films – I particularly love Swedish directors and cinematography. And I have my favorite painters that inspire me, like Hammershoi, Balthus and Antonio Donghi. My message is: create your own reality, don’t play by other people’s rules.

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Elizaveta Porodina

What’s your process like, do you find that you have kind of a particular way of working, what kind of rhythm do you have when you are shooting?

I would say it’s pretty much 50/50, meaning that I definitely plan ahead, create a storyboard or mood board around the shoot…this is also so we can find the right location, and it helps everything fall into place on the day and it makes sense for my protagonist.

But then when we have arrived to the place and the model begins working, my approach becomes very, very spontaneous- ideas can change, things can happen, I happily accept it and I actually love it.

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Claire Pepper

Would you say your style has emerged or was it always very distinct, how has your work changed over the years?

My style has definetly emerged over time. It’s something that I have conciously worked on, it’s very important to find your voice, and your visual style is a big part of that. It’s not a case of forcing something that doesn’t come naturally, more tuning in to what you really like and what feels right for you, and it can take some time.

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Jay Mawson

Where do you draw inspiration from? What do you think your message is?

Unfortunately I draw inspiration from 1970s California. Which is a difficult pill to swallow when you live in the North of England circa 2018. For me, the most innovative photography comes from 70s fashion photography and is just perennially rehashed. I get far more hung up on the feel of an image than the technical merits. For a period the race to squeeze more and more megapixels into cameras produced a lot of photography that was technology led rather than emotionally led. The rise of analog filters and film cameras was a reaction against that and there’s now a happy medium where flaws are once again embraced as part of the overall message.

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