Supporting Wild At Heart Foundation this May

Global dog rescue & adoption

With £1 for every order throughout May 

We're proud to be supporting Wild At Heart Foundation this May. Bob Books are donating £1 from every order throughout May towards the global rescue charity working to end the suffering of stray dogs all over the world.

Founded by Nikki Tibbles, Wild at Heart Foundation believe in dog. They believe that each and every rescue dog deserves the chance to live a healthy, happy life, free from the threat of pain, suffering, cruelty or neglect. Wild At Heart Foundation are working to help the world’s 600 million stray dog population and are committed to compassionately reducing this staggering statistic through rescue and rehoming, sterilisation, and international education.

Last year, Bob Books added to the office dog family when our Managing Director adopted little Buster from Greece through the WAHF, which makes this partnerships even more meaningful. 

About Wild At Heart Foundation

Over three quarters of the world’s dogs are strays and the problem is getting worse. The World Health Organisation estimates that there are over 600 million stray dogs in the world. In addition, it is estimated that around 1 billion unwanted puppies are born on the streets each year. Most of these die a tragic death before they reach three years old. The “lucky” ones that beat these odds are, in the main, subjected to a life of struggle, battling against disease, starvation, mistreatment and violent abuse as they fight to survive.

Founded in 2015 by Nikki Tibbles, Wild At Heart Foundation's ethos is simple:

'We believe that every single dog – no matter where in the world it is born, no matter its size, breed, age or circumstance – deserves to live a healthy, happy life. We champion compassion and collaboration; we believe that there is power in kindness and community, and that by working together towards a common goal, we can help make the world a better, kinder place.

We aim to put an end to the suffering that all too many dogs face on a daily basis by tackling four key areas to ensure that they get to the root of the growing problem. These include Global dog rescue & adoption, Sterilisation, Education and Awareness.'

Enter our special pet photo competition & win an 'I Believe in Dog' sweatshirt

With guest judge Nikki Tibbles 

We all love capturing our furry companions. In a special pets edition of our Photo of the Month Competition, submit your best pet photographs and the winner will be chosen by Nikki Tibbles, founder of Wild At Heart Foundation. Whether you share your home with an over-excited labrador, slinky house cat, gerbil, goldfish or aging amphibian, animal lover Nikki Tibbles wants to see all your best snaps. 

The prize includes a Wild At Heart Foundation 'I Believe in Dog' jumper and a Bob Books voucher to create your own pet photo book. 

Need some pet photography inspiration? Check out our 9 Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Cats and Dogs over on our blog and look at these ideas for showcasing your best photos

20% off everything in May 

To support this campaign to raise money for Wild At Heart Foundation, Bob Books will be running a 20% discount on all our products throughout May. If you're an animal lover or have pets at home, why not collate your best pet pictures and put together a photo book filled with your furry companions. Or how about a Calendar featuring twelve purr-fect snaps? From dogs and cats to hamsters, lizards and budgies, we want to see them all in print. Use code: PETS20 at the checkout*